SheClimbs organizes events via

If you would like to find out about upcoming outings please check out the calendar on the SheClimbsBayArea Meetup page.

In order to participate you will need to sign up for the Meetup group. There is a suggested annual donation of $4 which you can pay through that site.


Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and should be performed only with proper instruction and supervision of an experienced climber. The author and publisher of this web site assume no responsibility for any injuries incurred by the reader. SheClimbs is not an instructional group or a guide service. We exist simply to facilitate in organizing meeting times and places for independent women climbers. Therefore every climber assumes responsibility for her own safety. SheClimbs is not liable for any injuries incurred during group outings; participation in the group is at your own will and risk.


The Climb Smart! Program 
“Climbing is Dangerous: Stack the Odds in Your Favor”

  • Check your knots and harness buckle
  • Inspect your gear and replace as necessary
  • Know your partners and their habits
  • Check your belay – are you sure you’re on?
  • Read all warnings – they can save your life
  • Fixed gear is unreliable – back it up when possible
  • Keep an eye on the weather Rock breaks – check your holds
  • Always double check your rappel system
  • Remember, safety is your responsibility